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Building an Internet Class

Designing an online class on Blackboard

Whether this is your first on-line class, or you would just like to farm out a lot of the design work, help is available in designing your on-line class on Blackbaord, from beginning to end. Once your class is designed, it can be templated from semester to semester.

Welcome/class tour videos

ASU prefers that all our on-line classes begin with students receiving a welcome video that orients them by showing them how to find their class on Blackboard and taking them on a class website tour. This especially helps our many freshmen (and transfer students at all levels) who often do not even know how to find their classes on Blackboard, let alone how to navigate one. The significant difference this has made in student comfort, navigation and orientation has resulted in some faculty now also providing these welcome videos for their live classes.

Keeping online students “on-track”

ASU prefers that all our on-line classes have a TIMELINE. The TIMELINE tab, prominently placed on the class website brings students a list of the semester weeks. Clicking on a week brings students to a To-Do List for that week, with each item linked to all materials students need to accomplish that task. The significant difference this has made in helping to keep students navigate course materials and keep on track has resulted in some faculty now also offering these in their live classes.

Videotaping and streaming lectures

Technology for on-line lectures has evolved from simple note postings, to slides with audio, and now to fully video-authored lectures. Fully video-authored lectures include slides with audio and video of the professor giving the lecture, and result in a much more enhanced lecture experience for students. Faculty are taught to use the software needed to record, produce, edit and stream their lecture videos through Blackboard. Some faculty also use these skills to produce video announcements during the course of a class, to significantly increase their instructor presence in on-line courses. We can also edit your lecture audio and video clips, if/when you wish to update a lecture.

For more information or to order, email Multimedia.Design (@asu.edu)