Enhancing Your Lectures

Lecture topic introduction slide sets

Lecture topic introduction slides are graphically-designed with full-slide, engaging, and relevant images. Faculty simply submit a list of their lecture topics (or come for instruction) and obtain a full set of lecture introductory slides. These slides serve to welcome students to the classroom and pique their interest regarding the upcoming lecture.

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"I have used Lynda Mae’s skills as a multimedia designer every semester I have taught at ASU. She has crafted an artful and informative marketing flyer for each of my classes, and she has also provided me with engaging topic slides for my lectures. I really appreciate how she combines visual flair with a true understanding of the content I am trying to convey." --Clive Wynne

"I greatly appreciate Lynda’s design work. She provides a great resource for our Department, especially today, as students are so visually driven. The engaging lecture topic intro slides she made me are a great way to start the class and capture students' attention and interest." –Virginia Kwan

Full class designs

All lecture slides are designed with relevant and engaging images. If you have audio or video clips, they can be embedded, and we may find additional, relevant multimedia of interest for you to consider.

"The improvement in my Introduction to Statistics class slides (full class design) made this course much more enjoyable to teach, and several students commented that they found the slides to be very helpful. The skills I learned in the process motivated and enabled me in subsequent semesters to revise, update, and enhance subsets of slides. If she can do this for stats, she can do it for anything! –Morris Okun

"I used Lynda Mae’s design work for my entire class. Her work made my lecture material more professional and appealing, and successful at piquing student’s attention.  Her selection of graphics and materials often embodied the emotion behind a particular topic more effectively than words. Embedding videos in my lecture facilitated the use of different learning modalities without the reliance on the internet or wifi.  This is an excellent (free) opportunity that all instructors should capitalize on." –Marisol Perez

Audio and video clips

Faculty often run across relevant audio and/or video clips, themselves, that they wish to play in lecture. You no longer need to rely on a working internet connection, or the materials remaining posted on the internet. The clips are captured (edited, if needed), converted and embedded into lectures, closely adhering to legal educational allowances and limitations.

“Lynda captured and edited several amusing video clips for me including one in which an owl (with a dubbed voice) does exactly what our participants did in a study of mine, so it is a great clip to explain and demonstrate our findings in an effective and humorous manner.  She has software to capture and embed such video clips into our slides, and knows and follows legal guidelines for educators.” –Michael McBeath

"Lynda has been so helpful to me in preparing photo and video material for my courses. She has designed great fliers to get to word out to students about my courses and she also made it possible for me to embed videos from the internet directly into my presentations. This has made it so much easier to make effective and engaging presentations for students. Thank you Lynda!" –Athena Aktipis

For more information or to order, email Multimedia.Design (@asu.edu)