Psychology Engagement Team (PET)

Psychology Engagement Team (PET)


Our goal is to have fun while we provide outreach to the community in ways that can have a positive impact on someone’s life. Even if you participate in other student groups or through a sorority/fraternity, PET will provide you with an opportunity to meet other psychology majors who share your interests and may have common career goals. Through PET, you can build lasting connections for life after college and into grad school and jobs.  Check out Facebook  and more and Get Psyched!


Each year PET plans and participates in a wide variety of events to get Psychology students connected to the discipline, the department, and their peers. We also plan Mental Health Awareness week every March where students can attend many events that provide mental health education and outreach. This week-long event is a collaboration between PET and other groups across campus to plan events ranging from crafting donations for Gompers children, to walking in the Out Of The Darkness Campus Walk, or attending health wellness talks. PET has also held Seasons of Growth journaling events and therapy dogs as healthy coping mechanisms for mental health. Our meetings consist of contribution to planning these events as well as strengthening friendships with our fellow peers through discussion of psychology and mental health. 

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

August 24th at 5pm: First General Club Meeting

September 7th at 5pm: General Club Meeting

September 21st at 5pm: General Club Meeting

Officers & Advisors for Academic Year 2021-2022

President: Esmeralda Ortega Arreola
Vice President: Morgan Meyers
Director of Finance: Mason Brewer
Director of Marketing: Ally Villanueva
Director of History: Catherine Quinn
Secretary: Sonia Patel

Club email to be added:
Department of Psychology Staff Advisor: Carolyn Cavanaugh-Toft, Dr. Pedram

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Psychology Engagement Team

Ally Villanueva

Mason Brewer

Catherine Quinn

Morgan Meyers

Esmeralda Ortega

Sonia Patel