All reimbursement requests on sponsored and Investigator Incentive Award (IIA) accounts MUST be submitted to


The best practice is to submit reimbursement requests 7-14 days after the expense is incurred regardless of the dollar amount being requested. 

  • To ensure reimbursements are not paid as taxable income, they must be fully processed between 7–60 days of when the expenses were incurred.
  • To allow our staff sufficient time for processing, any reimbursement submitted more than 45 days after the expense was incurred will be considered a late submission and subject to additional requirements.
  • Reimbursements will not be made for purchases greater than $999. If your purchase exceeds $999, refer to the appropriate purchasing matrix for options.

A complete reimbursement submission includes:

  • A completed reimbursement form along with the receipts.
  • For conferences, include a copy of the schedule-at-a-glance.
  • Non-ASU employees must also include a mailing address for the reimbursement check along with the request.


A receipt is a document that serves as proof of payment and is always issued after the purchase has been finalized. A receipt typically includes:

  • Total amount paid
  • Date of purchase
  • Method of payment
  • Name of item(s), quantity & unit price
  • Tax
  • Discounts applied
  • Receipt number

The reimbursement form requires you to write a sufficient business purpose for the purchase made. Please refer to the video at the included link on how to write a strong business purpose.