For questions on purchases on Sponsored Projects and IIA accounts contact

To find out more specifically on policy regarding ordering specific items and service types go to

Our team requires the use of the department purchase ordering form found at Once completed submit to for ordering on sponsored projects and IIA.

Details of the purchasing process are found in the purchasing matrices included under References/Links. An overview of purchasing options is provided in this section.
Effective July 1, 2021, for purchases not made via SunRise or with a PCard, a purchase order (PO) must be issued to the supplier prior to the purchase and receipt of goods and services, including consulting services. 
This is an ASU policy that will be enforced.

Failure to comply with the policy will result in the following:

  1. Required explanation as to why a purchase order was not issued in advance of the delivery of goods or completion of services, including consulting services.
  2. Department staff will need to obtain dean approval for payment of the invoice.
  3. It is possible that invoice payment may not be approved. 

The three main ways to make a purchase are:

1. Sunrise

SunRise - a web-based application for ordering ASU supplies and equipment.

2. Purchasing Card (Pcard)

Purchasing Card (Pcard) -  a corporate liability credit card that gives the user a way to charge directly to the grant account. 

  • The PCard provides the opportunity to make small-dollar purchases and get exactly what is wanted, when it is wanted, faster and with minimum paperwork.
  • Pcards can be used for most purchases under $10,000.
  • The Pcard holder is responsible for knowing the proper uses of the Pcard. Here is a link to restricted purchase items: PCard Restricted Purchases

3. Requistion

Requisition - what is a REQ?

  • An online purchase request that pre-encumbers funds and is needed to issue a purchase order.
  • A purchase requisition needs to be created to issue a purchase order (PO) to a vendor for goods or services when the above options are unavailable. To request a purchase be made, please obtain a quote from the vendor and complete the purchasing form. eMail both documents to The form requires you to write a sufficient business purpose for the purchase. Please refer to the video at the included link on how to write a strong business purpose.
  • Our office will request approval from the sponsored project PI. Once received, a requisition will be submitted and PO issued to the vendor.