Shared Drive Mapping (IT details)

The migration of the share drive from ITFS1 to AWS FSX will occur the evening of Friday, September 10th. At that time the old share drive will be put into a read-only mode. The data from the old share drive has been synced with the new location. The information below will describe the steps on how to access the new share drive location.

ASU Windows Computers

The transition for ASU Windows computers should be seamless. We will update our settings policies that automatically map the drives to the new location the night of Friday the 10th. When we update the policies, we will include “FSX” in the name to help distinguish between new and old share drives. If you don’t see the new location after the night of the 10th, try restating your computer or if off campus connect to the Cisco VPN.

Personal Windows computers and Macs

For personal PC’s and Mac devices it will require some user intervention to map the new share drive. Attached are instructions for both platforms as well as a list of current share drive paths we have documented. 

If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to Bret Biermann ( and Kenan Kruse (

Shared Drive Mapping for Mac   Shared Drive Mapping for PC