While there is not a “standard” time frame, the Office of Human Resources has calculated that the hiring process takes approximately 44 days (excluding visa-related hires).  However, we aim to maintain a lower average.  Please keep in mind there are unique situations that may delay or expedite the process.

To hire a new employee, you should first contact the appropriate staff person in the Business Office, as listed below. No supervisor may authorize a candidate to begin work in his/her area until the proper recruitment steps have taken place and central ASU HR has approved the hire request. You should not authorize a candidate to begin work and then inform the Business Office after the fact that the person has started working and needs to be hired. There are various issues that will result if you do not follow this process (i.e. unpaid hours, insurance and EH&S issues, verification of eligibility to work, etc.).

Complete the appropriate hiring form to start the recruitment process. Once funding is verified, director, dean and provost approval (as applicable) will be obtained.

  • Tenured/Tenure-Track and Research Faculty –  Kristin Judd, Academic Personnel Specialist, Sr.
  • Postdoctoral Research Scholars, Visiting Researchers, and FAs – Kristin Judd, Academic Personnel Specialist, Sr.
  • Staff and Students –  Theresa Lopez, Department HR Specialist, Sr.


Academic Personnel


Student Worker