Student Worker Hiring

Student Worker Hiring (3-6 weeks):

Hiring Process:

  • First, confirm that funds are available and a correct account is provided.
    • To find out your grant/sponsored account, or funding balance, contact Research Advancement (If funding is grant-related). For any other funding, contact the Business Operations Specialist Sr., Jessi Jensen, or BOM, Silke Krueger.
  • PI, faculty, or hiring manager completes the PSY Student Worker Request form to provide the hiring information required (including confirmation of funds available and request to hire form) and email to the Department HR Specialist Sr., Theresa Lopez at or Sally Balanon at (for REACH hires).
  • Once approval has been obtained and forms have been submitted, HR staff will proceed with the following steps for hire:
  • Interview process: PI/faculty/hiring manager will receive resumes for all those that applied for the position, an applicant list, interview evaluation and reference check form.
    • PI/faculty/hiring manager will send final job candidate information to Department HR Specialist Sr. and she will submit to Student Employment for conditional offer approval (3-5 days waiting process).
    • Department HR Specialist Sr. will notify hiring manager to make verbal offer.
    • Department HR Specialist Sr. will create the final offer letter for new student employee and send to the student and cc supervisor.

Student Worker Request Form

Helpful Information:

  • Student Worker hiring takes 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Student employees cannot work more than an average of 25 hours a week over a rolling twelve month period per Affordable Care Act regulations.
  • Student employees may only work for 2 weeks following their graduation date.
  • Student employees must be registered for classes in order to apply for a student job and to keep their student job.
  • Student employment does not have job descriptions only wage levels. Levels are determined by the work that will be performed and hourly rate requested.

Student Levels I-IV and Pay Rates:

  • Student Employment offers a wide range of positions, which require different degrees of skill or experience. The student wage scale starts at $13.85/hour and pay rates should not exceed $50.00/hour. Four wage levels with different pay ranges have been provided below. Federal Work-Study and Hourly employment share the same wage levels and pay ranges. Wage placement must be in relation to the type of duties performed and in consideration of other student worker wage rates in similar jobs.
  • Note: Due to Kenexa implementation, we can no longer use Open Range Wage Levels, we must use Standard Wage Scales. Student pay rate amounts must stay within the student wage levels