Alumni (Psi Chi)


 The following members are past or current participants in ASU Psi Chi. While this list is ASU affiliated, these members will continue to hold a lifetime membership with the International Psi Chi Organization, which consists of more than 700,000 members worldwide. Throughout their time in Psi Chi they have participated in an organization that fosters professional development, participates in community outreach, and aided in the production of the Arizona Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference. 

Graduating Class of May 2021

S. Weathers

K. Duncan

A. Enright

B. Geraghty

Z. Tselos

R. Dickman

J. Christian

E. Randle

P. Pham

B. Beagley-Imhoff

L. Eltze

C. Governo

E. Stuart

L. Vogel

E. Randle

J. Torres

T. Gloshay

A. Margalit

A. Acuna

K. Sabree

P. Beno

N. Boucher

A. Dettmer

B. Fulop

Graduating Class of December 2020

N. Barragan

J. Christian

M. Gutierrez

K. Hattori

H. Mellino

Q. Miller

Y. Shan


Initiates of Fall 2020

M. Hall

R. Chaudhry

C. Quinn

L. True

S. Shipley

T. Gloshay

A. Ong

S. Taher

E. Stuart

V. Olguin-Celaya

D. Grossman

H. Jenkins

C. Jerinic-Brodeug 

A. Bergh

C. Garcia

A. Warda

A. Margalit

A. Ulis

A. Hayes

E. Morris

G. Ortegon

N. Powell

E. Jurek

C. Winter

B. Bekele

R. Dickman

A. Vasilas

H. Travis

C. Governo

P. Beno