Jenessa Shapiro Undergraduate Research Scholarship

About the scholarship

The Department of Psychology is committed to ensuring opportunity in psychology research for undergraduates from groups underrepresented in scientific psychology. Toward this end, the Department created the ENERGIZE program through which students from under-represented groups are paired with potential research laboratories to both energize the student’s interest in scientific psychology and to energize the laboratory’s research by considering new perspectives.

The Jenessa Shapiro Undergraduate Research Scholarship was created with the awareness that ENERGIZE students may face financial challenges that preclude their ability to take advantage of research opportunities. The Scholarship is thus dedicated to supporting annually multiple ENERGIZE students with documented financial need and demonstrated potential in psychology research with funding of up to $5000.  Funding will allow students financial and time flexibility to devote substantial effort to research endeavors and create a pathway for mentorship relationships with faculty that ultimately support further engagement with the major and profession of psychology.  All students who meet the application criteria will receive consideration for the Jenessa Shapiro Undergraduate Research Scholarship without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, citizenship, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.

Application Criteria and Expectations can be found here

About Jenessa Shapiro

Jenessa Shapiro was a graduate student from the ASU Department of Psychology and Professor at UCLA who was a champion for students of all backgrounds. She was highly committed to creating a socially just world characterized by diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness.  Whether it was through the research she started as a graduate student here at ASU Psychology seeking to better understand the roots of prejudices and their effects on those targeted by them, or through her highly recognized mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students from under-represented backgrounds, Jenessa walked her talk as much as anyone we’ve known.  We miss her greatly.

"Jenessa’s deep commitment to creating science opportunities for students continues to inspire me. I think she would be thrilled to know that, through her example, this work is growing here in ASU Psychology. And I think she would be proud to see that we, like her, are walking our talk." - Steve Neuberg, Chair and Foundation Professor

Current Recipients

Koop Bills is an Arizona State University senior in neuroscience and psychology who wants to pursue a PhD in cognitive neuroscience after graduation. Bills was the first recipient of the brand-new Jenessa Shapiro Undergraduate Research Scholarship designed to support underrepresented students in their pursuits of research opportunities. He is a research assistant with the Perception, Ecological Action, Robotics, and Learning (PEARL) Lab.
Valeria Gutierrez is a sophomore majoring in psychology who conducts research as part of the Arizona Twin Project. She is a recipient of the new Jenessa Shapiro Undergraduate Research Scholarship launched this fall in Arizona State University's Department of Psychology.