Psi Chi Board

The following people are the Psi Chi Board and can be looked to for help on a variety of issues. Please contact the correct person based on the responsibilities listed.

The Psi Chi at ASU Tempe Executive Board

  • President - Abby Lagergren
  • Vice President - Isaiah Rice
  • Director of Communications - Haley Hummel
  • Director of Finance - Hayley Ward
  • Director of Events - Bailey Holmes
  • Director of Community Outreach - Megan Hall
  • Director of Public Relations - Annie Cooper
  • Director of Special Programs - Anthony Gomez 
  • Director of Research and Conferences - Megan Nelson

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  • Run weekly Psi Chi officer meeting
  • Delegate tasks among the officers
  • Act as the figurehead for Psi Chi among the community, the psychology department, and ASU

Vice President

  • Manage Psi Chi membership with the Department of Psychology
  • Work hand in hand with the president on any Psi Chi related duties
  • Keeping track of member points

Applications are open for the  Psi Chi's executive board for the 2021-2022 academic year!

Director of Communications

Director of Events

Director of Finance

Director of Public Relations

Director of Research and Conferences

Director of Special Programs

Director of Community Outreach