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Addiction Neuroscience Laboratory (Olive)

Keywords:  drug addiction; psychostimulants; opiates; alcohol; glutamate; behavioral pharmacology; optogenetics; preclinical models

Basic Behavioral Processes Lab (Sanabria)

Keywords:  learning; time perception; response inhibition; choice; animal models; computational models

Behavioral Neuroscience of Memory & Aging (Bimonte-Nelson)

Keywords:  learning; memory; behavior; estrogen; progesterone; hormone; menopause; maze

Behavioral Neuroscience Research in Stress (Conrad)

Keywords:  stress; spatial memory; hippocampus; neural plasticity; anxiety; corticosterone; rodent behavior; PTSD

types of canines

Canine Science Collaboratory (Wynne)

Keywords:  dog; wolf; human-dog interaction; behavior; welfare; cognition, Going to the Dogs


The SOCIAL Neurobiology lab (Verpeut)

keywords: cerebellum, social, development, cognition, autism