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@HEART; Healthy Experiences Across Relationships and Transitions lab (Ha)

Keywords: adolescence, romantic relationships, multidisciplinary research, developmental psychopathology, culture, health, stress physiology

Adolescent Stress and Emotion Lab (Doane)

Keywords:  adolescence; transition to college; stress physiology; sleep; health behaviors; ecological momentary assessment

Child Emotion Center (Lemery-Chalfant)

Keywords:  behavior genetic; twin; development; risk; resilience; temperament; psychopathology; sleep; pain; health

Courage Lab

Courage (Pina)

Keywords:  anxiety; children; adolescents; prevention; treatment; culture; diversity; minority; ethnicity

Fostering Resilience (Luthar)

Keywords:  resilience; affluence; motherhood; prevention; parenting

Healthy Aging and Life Events Lab (Infurna)

Keywords: resilience to major life stressors; adult development and aging; psychosocial and health development; lifespan development; longitudinal research methodology

Learning and Development Lab (Benitez)

Keywords: cognitive development, word learning, attention, language acquisition, statistical learning, bilingualism

Science of Learning and Educational Technology (McNamara)

Keywords:  knowledge acquisition; reading comprehension; writing; strategies; self-explanation; writing assessment; intelligent tutoring systems; tutoring; games; computational linguistics; learning analytics

Theory of Mind / Father and Divorce Labs (Fabricius)

Keywords: theory of mind; social cognitive development; divorce; fathers; parent-child relationships